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About Us

Mutiny Labs is a Hopscotch Labs adventure.

We take business leaders, researchers and designers out of their offices, out of their labs, and put them into close contact with people who live the experiences we’re most interested in. It’s modern research for a modern economy.

Explore business topics in an immersive experience within countries that, through their geopolitical circumstances, have developed expertises that the US lacks.

Hopscotch Labs

Jump Start Design Innovation with the Right Strategy + Research. We are your consumer engagement partner. Together, we leverage real consumer experiences, so you build the ideas that matter. Plus, maximize ROI on the way. Check out our new website: http://hopscotchlabs.com

We’re excited about this trip, and want you to be too! Send us your questions, your concerns and theories…
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The team:

Kristine Angell, Head of Planning, innovation consultant & retreat organizer

She has conceived and developed this trip with you in mind. She has previously led experience design & business trips to Mexico’s wine region to explore how a region is redefining fine dining, architecture and service experiences. Kris headed events for SDXD for the past 5 years, quadrupling membership and changing the conversation in San Diego. She runs an innovation research agency in San Diego California.

Hooman Anvar, innovation consultant & retreat organizer

He has traveled through 30+ countries spanning Europe, North America & Middle East. Hooman is currently the Director of Design for an upstart agency, Tall Concepts, in SoCal, designing the future of video content management systems.

Springboard Cuba

About Springboard Cuba

Springboard Cuba is the tour operator. You can learn more about them at springboardcuba.com