Updated 7/1/2021
Mutiny Labs: Cuba

An innovation retreat on design and entrepreneurship in Cuba

A Tour in Support of the Cuban People
November 13-17, 2021

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Cuba experiences innovation by necessity

This country is an exceptional incubator for design and business. Meet Cuban designers, architects, software developers and business owners. Discover how they thrive in scarcity and gain insight into building businesses challenged by geopolitics. Each day, the group will have intimate discussions with each other and our Cuban hosts; while exploring Havana and eating really well.

Discover innovation in unusual places.
Join us for a Mutiny Lab in Cuba November 13-17.

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Leading Through Ambiguity

Explore business, design, and technology through the Cuban lens of scarcity, geopolitics, and informal economies.

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Innovation Models

Discover the topics you care about in unexpected places. Gain insight and new perspectives to redefine business as usual.

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Peer-Based Cultural Immersion

Join a remarkable group of design executives, product managers, innovators and change-makers for peer-based cultural immersion.

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November 13-17, 2021

Join Us in Cuba

Take 5 days this spring to explore Cuban entrepreneurship and design culture. Walk away with inspiration and a few new friends.

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Immerse yourself into the Cuban experience



Cubans experience regional isolation that forces innovation even as social change is constrained from top down. Gain insight into how fluid geopolitics and scarcity make Cuba an exceptional incubator for design and business.

Discover Old Havana through conversations with its entrepreneurs.

Chat with restaurateurs, historians and community activists to learn how history and reality collide.

We’ll explore the revitalized neighborhoods then chat with the people responsible.

Meet your counterparts



Have intimate conversations with business owners to understand the micro affect of geopolitics. Work alongside entrepreneurs and designers to enhance cross cultural understanding and share best practices that you can put to use when you get home.

Dont Just Take Our WOrd For it

“Thanks for putting together a day full of great conversation and community alongside the views, food, and WINE of the Valle!”

Brian LeDuc, Design Strategist & Education Designer, Education Design Lab

Discover the trick to thriving when designing in scarcity



In a country that seems immune to external forces, learn how Cubans are creating some of the most innovative experiences in design, architecture, and fashion. We’ll have the chance to experience how day to day scarcity impacts the choices a business makes.

Meet Oniel Diaz to learn how he’s been able to build multiple businesses and help increase foreign investment in Cuba.

Tour Lab 26, a designers’ collective and the home of “Espacios” project combining architecture, design and art, run by renowned Cuban architect Vilma Bartolomé.

We’ll meet entrepreneurs in the tourism and hospitality industry, and take a cooking class to see formal and informal economies up close.

Special note on COVID


Your travel to Cuba matters

Cuba was hit hard by COVID. With Tourism shut down, many of the entrepreneurs we planned to meet in 2020 (our original trip date) had to reinvent themselves to stay afloat. Not only will we have the opportunity to learn from their experience, but our trip costs will cover their speaker and venue fees, helping those entrepreneurs recover from the economic impact of COVID that much faster.

We do recommend tipping well on this trip.

Get vaccinated now. Retreat attendees are required to be vaccinated for everyone’s safety.

Mask up. While we may be vaccinated, we will wear our masks in Cuba out of an abundance of caution and as a show of respect for our hosts.

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