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Mutiny Lab: Cuba

An Innovation Retreat to Explore Design and Entrepreneurship in Cuba

Mutiny Lab: Cuba, Innovation Retreat

Havana, Cuba
November 13-17, 2021

Spend 5 Days and 4 Nights in Havana, Cuba with fellow thought leaders, designers, and researchers. Havana is a magnificent city, get inspired by its timeworn architecture and inventive people. (Read Lonely Planet’s guide on Cuba.)

Itinerary Below

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Innovation Retreat

Mutiny Labs: Cuba

Location: Havana, Cuba
Date: November 13, 2021

Upon arrival at Havana International Airport (HAV) you will be greeted by your Cuban guides before heading straight to your Casas Particulares to get settled.

Check in to your Casas Particulares (Bed & Breakfasts) a new form of private enterprise in Cuba, affording homeowners and individuals new employment opportunities, higher wages, and increased independence from the state.

Immersion into the Cuban Experience



We’ll cruise the Malecón, Havana’s historic seawall, and visit some of the most popular neighborhoods to discover the city’s key landmarks.

Welcome dinner at La Guarida paladar. One of the city’s best restaurants, famous for its delectable dining, historic ambiance, and also for the location for the iconic Cuban film Strawberry and Chocolate.

Entrepreneurship Under Duress



Explore Old Havana’s Historic Center, a UNESCO World Heritage Site Guided by a local expert we will be immersed in everyday life, learn a little about Old Havana’s history and regal architecture, and venture into shops.

Business site visits within Old Havana. Cuba’s growing private sector is visible in Old Havana. During our walk, we’ll stop at several local businesses to meet their owners, learn their stories and hear their perspectives on business.

Cuba’s growing private sector: After lunch we continue through Old Havana, visiting private businesses in various sectors of the Cuban economy, and discuss their challenges and opportunities.

For lunch, we’ll go to El del Frente, one of Havana’s hippest rooftop restaurants, offering some of the city’s best prepared cocktails and unique fusion cuisine.

Dinner on your own. Recommendations will be provided.

Scarcity + Design



Creative Entrepreneurship in Cuba. The first stop is Lab 26, a designers’ collective that combines architecture, design, and art. It is run by renowned Cuban architect Vilma Bartolomé.

Close look at Cuban entrepreneurship. We’ll be joined at lunch by Atelier’s owner Niuris Higueras, to learn more about her experience; and by Oniel Díaz, owner of Auge (a strategy consulting firm), who will share his knowledge on investment and entrepreneurship in Cuba.

An evening of arts and culture. At night, we will visit Galería Taller Gorría, an art gallery and cultural project created by famous Cuban actor Jorge Perugorría (from the film “Strawberry & Chocolate”). By organizing workshops, conferences, and concerts they have turned this underprivileged neighborhood, San Isidro, into Havana’s Art District.

Lunch at paladar Atelier. This restaurant is equally known for its atmosphere and exquisite cuisine. The lighting and textures of the house, which was home to a pre-revolutionary senator, coupled with walls adorned in modern art, create a cozy, but modern setting.

Explore the arts or sports. In the afternoon, the art lovers will have the opportunity to meet some up-and-coming Cuban artists while touring their home studios. Or, if you prefer sports, take in a training session with amateur and professional local boxers.

Dinner at Yarini. After exploring the space and discussing their initiatives in San Isidro, we’ll enjoy dinner at their restaurant Yarini, where international and Cuban artists, musicians and entrepreneurs gather during Havana nights.

Pure Cuba



Learn (while doing) about the Cuban hospitality industry. Today we’ll meet Adis and Lorena in the kitchen for a cooking class.

Visit Havana and not dance? We’ve secured a personal salsa expert to teach you the basics so you can practice the true Cuban dance moves.

Tour Fabrica de Arte Cubano (FAC), the country’s most successful venue for live music, art expos, and fashion shows. It’s an eclectic crowd of Cubans and foreigners.

COVID’s impact on entrepreneurship. Mother and daughter entrepreneurs, Adis and Lorena will share their experiences running BnBs and teach us some authentic recipes that we will want to try back home.

Cuban rum and cigar tasting. Following lunch and salsa, a local expert will explain the qualities and traits of fine Cuban rum and cigars, pairing them together for the perfect match. 

Conversation with Fábrica de Arte Cubano founder. Invented by X-Alfonso, an Afro-Cuban fusion musician, we’ll learn how Fábrica de Arte Cubano’s great machinery works. 

While learning the recipes and eating, we’ll hear how COVID affected them and discuss the extreme food shortage and strict health measures they have to follow.

Dinner at FAC’s restaurant, Tierra (Earth), and a night concert.

Closing Reflection



Brunch at Malecón 663. We’ll wrap it up at a farewell brunch at Malecón 663, a boutique hostel with eclectic ambiance located right at the famous Malecón seawall we saw on day 1. The perfect setting to reflect on your Cuban experience and the inspiration you are taking back home.

Innovation Retreat

Last Day in Havana

Location: Havana, Cuba
Date: November 17, 2021

It’s our last day in Havana. We’ll check out of our BnBs and head to brunch then onto the airport. Those catching flights will be picked up 3 hours prior to flight time. Plenty of time to exchange your Cuban money and check in for your flight. 

What about covid? 

Experts anticipate Cuba will be open to travel and back to ‘normal’ by this fall. We are planning a trip with the full expectation that it will take place on the anticipated trip dates. Deposits will be flexible to accommodate the evolving situation. 

Cuba has developed 5 vaccines of its own, several of which are in clinical trials and are being administered to the population. It is anticipated that the majority of the Cuban population will be vaccinated by the fall. 

The safety of our group is paramount. All travelers will be required to be vaccinated and follow local policies related to masking. Many activities will take place outdoors (the weather is glorious in November so no problem there) or in smaller groups to ensure the safety of the group and our friends in Cuba.

November 13-17, 2021

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Take 5 days this spring to explore Cuban entrepreneurship and design culture. Walk away with inspiration and a few new friends.

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