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Join us on our next adventure. Explore business topics in an immersive experience within countries that, through their geopolitical circumstances, have developed expertise that the US lacks.


Planned Trips

Fall 2020


Explore service design in Mexico’s wine region, 2 hours South of San Diego

January 2021


Explore business, design and technology through the lens of scarcity and geopolitics

Spring 2022


Explore accelerated design innovation and food culture in Asia

Explore design innovation through a new lens.

Let’s go!

Mutiny Labs is a Hopscotch Labs adventure.

We take business leaders, researchers and designers out of their offices and labs to put them into close contact with people who live the experiences we are most interested in. It’s modern research for a modern economy.

February 13-17th, 2021

Join Us in Cuba

Take 5 days this spring to explore Cuban entrepreneurship and design culture. Tack on 3 days to explore music, art, and marine ecology in Trinidad, Cuba. Walk away with inspiration and a few new friends.

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